Joan hinchliffe (09.25.2016)
Ruthann, I would like to order your catalog number USN20 - The Joan of Arc chain and medallion. Please e--mail pertinent information regarding the purchase. Thank you! Joan Hinchliffe 508-896-5861

Victoria (05.16.2016)
Hi RuthAnn; LOVE your jewelry. I\'ve forwarded your site on to my boss who owns an art & gift gallery in Simi. I know she\'ll love it too. Hope the estate sale went well.

patti blakeman (05.31.2013)
i found a ring i love on your site.UR03. would love to know price and diameter of the cross within the circle. also what sizes does this ring come in?

Ruthann (06.29.2013)
Hello Patti, yes, I remember! Please contact me at 323-447-7676. I\'m sorry, I hardly ever check this section of our web-site. I get too busy and forget:-( Or you can email me at I will be out of the office for a few weeks, starting on Monday July 1st. Orders may still be placed, but will not ship out until the first week in August. I will check on the ring you asked about Patti, and have the information when you contact me as I am out of the office until this afternoon, but I wanted to respond. Thank you, hope to speak to you soon. Ruthann

patti blakeman (05.30.2013)
ruthann-several years ago i bought matching rings from you for myself and my partner. i had an accident several years ago and can no longer wear a ring on my ring finger. do you still make rings? i love the ring we purchased from you and would love to have one that fits my middle finger. thx

heather macmillan (05.22.2013)
love your jewellery would it be possilble to get prices on these pieces usn27 usn20 usn28 thank you

jon r (05.24.2013)
would love to buy the \'tommyhawk\' tommy lee wears...huge fan!:) Sent you an email. Look forward to hearing back. Thanks!

Ruthann (06.29.2013)
Hello Heather! USN27 and USN28 are $225.00 each. USN20 is $625.00. All of our products are sterling silver, and hand made here in Los Angeles at the time orders are placed. If you would like more information, or to place an order, please contact me at: Thank you!

Merrie (01.19.2013)
I would like the price of your new piece USN36

Hristina M. Koleva (12.09.2012)
Hello!! I want to ask how many money it costs the necklace of Jo on Csi:NY 9x06. Thank you !! :)

dori kramedas (04.18.2013)
i would like a cross necklace in black like the one sela ward wears on csi ny do you sell this item and what is the price

Brenda Owens (11.13.2012)
Dear Ruthann, I\'m in love with the jewelry that Sela Ward is wearing on her tv show, but when I got to your site I wasn\'t able to see any prices on your items. Can you email me a price on the items below. Thank you, Sincerely, Brenda Owens #USN20,USN23,SHN1056,SHN1083,UN07

Brenda Stewart (06.23.2012)
I would love to purchase the Buddha earrings that Sela Ward wore on CSI. Are you able to give me any information on them and tell me what the cost is and how to pay for them. Thank you so much, Brenda

Ruthann (07.18.2012)
Hello Brenda, If you give me your email address, or email me at Ruthann@sacredheartla, we can finalize your order. You can always call me directly at (323) 447-7676. We have the earrings in sterling silver, as Sela wore them, or enameled. I can send you a picture. Many of our newer pieces from this last season are not on our website yet. The earrings are $125.00, plus shipping, and taxes, if applicable. Thank you for finding our company, I look forward to hearing from you.

Melissa (04.21.2012)
Hello, do you ship internationally to the UK at all? If so, can you tell me roughly what the fees are? My email is

Ruthann (05.15.2012)
Hello, yes we ship all over the world! Shipping costs to the UK vary depending on the weight, but can be anywhere between $10.00 and $20.00, also depending on method of shipment. Please email me with specific items you are interested in, and I can quote you prices. Thank you!

Jennifer (05.15.2012)
I love ALL of your stuff!!! I now own three of your pieces, and I wish I could own them all! You have the most unique designs out there! Love them all!

Ella (02.19.2012)
Im very fond of your jewells. I have a also question : Would be possible adquire just an ítem without a chain? Thanks

Ruthann (03.08.2012)
Hello Ella, Unfortunately, we do not sell our pieces separately. We will however, custom design a piece for you, switching out medals, chains, or beads. We have also taken customers medals, or chains, and incorporated them into a one of a kind piece.

amparo (02.17.2012)

Ruthann (03.08.2012)
Hello Amparo, I appreciate your kind words. Our prices are actually very reasonably priced for what they are. Everything is sterling silver, and hand made in Los Angeles, at the time orders are placed. We will do custom designs, switching out medals or chains, etc, to give our customers exactly what they want, at no extra charge. Our simple suede and single charm pieces are under $100.00. A thin sterling chain with charm start at $125.00, and prices go from there, depending on the silver weight, and the work involved making the piece. Please contact me if you would like to discuss any options, or have any further questions at: Thank you for finding our company!

Bonnie Angco (01.07.2012)
I just love your work, I first saw it on CSI NY on Sela Ward, she wears it well. I had tried some time ago to find out were her jewelry came from and I just came across your site tonight. I would like to find out how much the necklaces that Sela Ward has on in the photos you have on your site, also the one she is wearing in the 1/6/12 show. Could you let me know how I can get the prices? Thank you for your help. Bonnie

Ruthann (01.17.2012)
Hello Bonnie, We have so many different prices. Please provide me with your email address, or phone number, as this system does not give it to me. I would be happy to help you. Thank you, 323-447-7676

Deborah (01.06.2012)
I love the necklace that Sela Ward was wearing in the 1/6/12 show of CSI. It looked like a cross on a leather cord. A fleur design. Could you let me know if it available for purchase.

Ruthann (01.19.2012)
Hello Deborah, Thank you for finding our company! I am afraid I have not had time to watch the episode yet, although I of course have it recorded. I\'d be happy to figure out which piece it is with you. It would he easiest to call me at 323-447-7676, or email Ruthann@sacredheartla. Your email address does not come up. Thanks, Ruthann

Paula Magee (12.03.2011)
I love all of the jewelry Sela Ward wears on CSI, could you please send me a catalog if you have one or prices on many of the pieces of jewelry. They are all very nice. Thanks Paula

Ruthann (12.04.2011)
Hi Paula, We do not have a catalogue at this time. We are busy with many different shows and always creating new pieces! Please feel free to contact me by email:, or by phone (I LOVE to speak to our customers personally), 323-447-7676. If you give me style numbers that you are interested in, I can give you prices. Thank you for finding our company!!!

Nancy DiMeglio (10.15.2011)
Hello...sela ward was wearing a great necklace in the oct. 14 episode .. I really want it! Pls contact me. with price. Thank you,

Ruthann (10.18.2011)
Hello Nancy, I sent you an e-mail, please contact me if you have trouble viewing it. The necklaces from the Oct. 14th show are USN28, listed in our new items section, and USN814, which is not pictured on our website yet, but I would be happy to send pictures. It is a long piece, strung on silk, with sterling cross beads, and turquoise crystal beads. The charm is a lovely piece with an angel kneeling over baby. Thank you for finding our company! 323-447-7676.

Becky (11.06.2011)
I love the necklaces I see on CSI NY! I looked on your website but could not see any pricing information. Can you please tell me the approximate prices of some of the necklaces seen on that show? Thanks so much! Becky

Ingrid Partin (11.13.2011)
I am so drawn to your beautiful jewelry. I love everything that Sela Ward wears on CSI New York. You truly have a special gift from God, I am so glad that you are able to share your pieces on TV. I am very interested in your necklaces and rosaries. If you could email me some of the prices, I would be very grateful. I like so many of them I wouldn\'t begin to know which pieces I like best. Thank you!

Ruthann McCarthy (11.13.2011)
Thank you so much for your kind words. This system does not provide me with your e-mail address. If you can, please e-mail me at: with your information, and I will be happy to help you. Thank you, Ruthann

Janine Penner (10.07.2011)
I am unclear on how one would go about ordering, I am unable to find the costg of USN27,24,28 and 20. Can you please help? Ty

Ruthann (10.08.2011)
Hi Janine, Please call or email me, and I will be happy to help you, Thank you, Ruthann 323-447-7676

Mike Jones (07.29.2011)
Hi wife and I stay at your Mom\'s B&B in Taos and have become familiar with your great jewelry. As silver has risen dramatically in price over the last year I have been converting artist\'s and other\'s sterling lines to a metal called Britannium. It is a lusicious alloy that is used to make the Oscar statuettes for the Academy Awards each year. Your Mom said she didn\'t think you would be interested but thought I would let you know. Your styles would be absolutely protected and the cost is about 20-25% of Sterling. Thanks

maria beltran (10.01.2011)
Hi Ruthann, I just finished watching the the TV series CSI-NY with Sela Ward and she was wearing this beautiful pair of moon stone drop earrings. i was wondering where i might be able to get a pair. they are one of my favorite stones. the title of the show was \"Keep it Real\". if that helps you. Season 8 episode 2. thank you. Maria.

Ruthann (10.08.2011)
Hi Maria, If you can call me, I can help you find them. We also have a beautiful pendant that Sela will be wearing in an episode, that is moonstone, if you like, I can get you a picture. This system does not give me your email address, so if you can email me, or call me, I can help you. Thank you, Ruthann 323-447-7676

Janet (01.13.2013)
Beautiful jewelry, do you have a pricing list? Thank you

JANET (03.02.2013)

Ruthann (10.18.2011)
Hello Mike, I realize you wrote to me a while ago, so sorry for the delay, we have been very busy on many projects, and I missed your message. At the moment, we are only using sterling silver, and gold, when ordered. All of our pieces are hand made, and hand enameled here in Los Angeles. You can always e-mail me your information, if you like, so I will have it on file. Thank you for contacting me, I hope your stay at Casa Benavides was wonderful!